Audio Sermons


3/20/19 Wed  Submit Yourselves to the Rules of Man - Pastor Bloem


3/17/19 PM  Be Kind to Everyone Because Everyone is Having a Hard Time - Pastor Bloem


3/17/19 AM  You Are Saved to be an Overcomer - Pastor Bloem


3/13/19 Wed  Keep Your Eyes on Israel and the Middle East - Pastor Bloem 


3/10/19 PM  A Prescription of Peace For You - Pastor Bloem


3/10/19 AM  Stay With It Until Success Comes Your Way - Pastor Bloem


3/6/19 Wed  Your 8 Commandments to Obey - Pastor Bloem


3/3/19 PM  Hope For You Who Need It - Pastor Bloem


3/3/19 AM  Lessons For Your Life From a Model Witness - Pastor Bloem


2/27/19 Wed  Your Identities as a Basis For Your Obedience Part 2 - Pastor Bloem 


2/24/19 PM  Pastor's Challenge to Be Building & Winning - Pastor Bloem


2/24/19 AM  What Does He Have Against You? - Pastor Bloem 


2/20/19 Wed  Your Identities as a Basis For Your Obedience - Pastor Bloem


2/17/19 PM  Many Mighty Works Here - Pastor Bloem


2/17/19 AM  Are You in the Lords's Army?  - Pastor Bloem


2/13/19 Wed  Burt What About You?  Part 2 - Pastor Bloem


2/10/19 PM  Is There Not a Cause? - Pastor Bloem


2/10/19 AM  It's Beginning to Rain - Pastor Bloem


2/6/19 Wed  Promises on Which to Pillow Your Head - Pastor Bloem


2/3/19 PM  What is True About Your Partaking of the Lord's Table Part 2 - Pastor Bloem


2/3/19 AM  Prepare Your House For An Important Visitor - Pastor Bloem


1/30/19 Wed  What You Need to Win Win Win With God's Team in 2019 Part 3 - Pastor Bloem


1/27/19 PM  The Answer to Your Success My Friend is Blowin in the Wind - Pastor Bloem


1/27/19 AM  I Am Speaking Up in Defense of the Gospel - Pastor Bloem


1/23/19 Wed  What is True About Your Partaking in the Lord's Table? - Pastor Bloem


1/20/19 PM  This Is Your Hour, Don't Miss It!  - Pastor Bloem


1/16/19 Wed  Use the Means of Grace - Pastor Bloem


1/13/19 PM  Win WIn Win With God's Team in 2019 Part 2 - Pastor Bloem


1/13/19 AM  Championing the Cause of the Outcast - Pastor Bloem


1/9/19 Wed  But, What About You? - Pastor Bloem


1/6/19 PM Win Win Win with God's Team in 2019 - Pastor Bloem


1/6/19 AM Build Your Life on a Solid Stone Foundation Part 4 


1/2/19 Wed  Build Your Life on a Solid Stone Foundation Part 3


12/30/18 PM  Build Your Life on a Solid Stone Foundation Part 2


12/30/18 AM Build Your Life on a Solid Stone Foundation - Pastor Bloem


12/26/18 Wed  Ebenezer - Pastor Bloem


12/23/18 PM  Praise to God for His Sovereign Saving Grace - Pastor Bloem


12/23/18 AM  The Christmas Prophecy That is Bigger Than Bethlehem - Pastor Bloem


12/19/18 Wed  Peace on Earth - Pastor Bloem


12/16/18 PM  The Conspiracy Against Christmas - Pastor Bloem


12/16/18 AM  How You Can Grow - Pastor Bloem


12/12/18 Wed  Forsake Not Your Assembling - Pastor Bloem


12/9/18 PM  Prophecy of iran Soon to Come - Pastor Bloem 


12/9/18 AM  I Bring You Good Tidings - Pastor Bloem


12/5/18 Wed  Overcome Opposition to Have Abundant Blessings - Pastor Bloem


12/2/18 PM  The Set Time - Pastor Bloem 


12/2/18 AM  Push Back and Prosperity Lead You to Build - Pastor Bloem


11/28/18 Wed  The Participation Leading You to Build - Pastor Bloem


11/25/18 PM  The Power Leading You to Build - Pastor Bloem 


11/25/18 AM  Be a Builder  Part 2 - Pastor Bloem


11/21/18 Wed  The Root of the Matter - Joe Slebodnik 


11/18/19 PM God's Wrath vs Satans's Wrath - Pastor Bloem


11/18/18 AM  If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It - Pastor Bloem 


11/14/18 Wed  Be a Builder - Pastor Bloem


11/11/18 PM  In the Midst of Much People, Jesus Sees One - Brother Lou DiFillipantonio 


11/11/18 AM  God is Concerned With Saving Much People Alive - Brother Lou DiFillipantonio


11/10/18 Sat. Missions Conference  I Have Much People in This City - Brother Lou DiFilipantonio


11/7/18 Wed  It's Your Time to Bring in the Harvest Part 2 - Pastor Bloem


11/4/18 PM  Fatherly Ways For You to Follow - Pastor Bloem


11/4/18 AM  You Need Patience to Bring in the Harvest - Pastor Bloem