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 4th of July Picnic 2013




Wonder Church's Professor Williams                Wonder Church's Chef Williams



Carnival Sunday 2010                       Chuck E. Cheese Sunday


RBCS Gettysburg Trip                                       Hotdog Sunday


            Mother's Day                                        Picnic in the Park 2010



   Third Bus Route Launched                    The Lovely Ladies of Revival Baptist


      Green Acres Revival Baptist Style                   RBCS Awards Night                         



One Night After Prayer Meeting                  Preparing for Prophecy VBS 2010



            Fourth of July Picnic                         Homecoming Sunday  Game 



               Paper Airplane Sunday                  Another Night After Prayer Meeting



Pumpkin Sunday                                   Trunk or Treat



                                           One Night in the Nursery                 Mr Gary's Mad Cool Christmas Party



                                             Christmas Light's Night                           Watch Nite Service



Sweetheart Banquet 2011                        Outta SIght Teen Night



Chuck E Chese Sunday 2011                          Carnival Sunday 2011



RBCS Olympics                                          Memorial Day Picnic 



         RBCS Awards & Graduation                VBS 2011                                            



Round-Up Sunday 2011                     Buried Treasure Sunday



Sgt. Eric Slebodnik Tribute

The Fundamental Top 500