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6/12/24 Wed  Fresh Oil - Brother Joe Slebodnik


6/9/24 PM  Don't Quit On God 


6/9/24 AM  When the Devil Is the  Most Dangerous to You 


6/5/24 Wed  Keep Your Heart 


6/2/24 PM  When Will God Say, Enough is Enough?


6/2/24 AM  When God Has Had Enough


5/29/24  Wed  Remember and Appreciate Amazing Grace 


5/26/24 AM  Come On In, the Water's Fine 


5/22/24 Wed  How Your Life's Work Can Be Cut Short


5/19/24 PM  You'll Not Overthrow God's Flow


5/19/24 AM  Read the Handwriting on the Wall 


5/15/24 Wed  A Whale of a Tale 


5/12/24 PM   Go Through God's Door in 2024


5/12/24 AM  How You Can Get All the Gusto Out of Life


5/8/24 Wed  Ungodly Music 


5/5/24 PM  You Must Crucify Your Flesh With It's Affections & Sinful Lusts


5/5/24 AM  How Is Your Lamp Doing? 


4/24/24 Wed Where Does the Direct Attack By Iran Against Israel Fit into the Prophecy Puzzle - Part 3


4/28/24 PM  Don't Be Normal Be SuperNormal


4/28/24 AM  I Want to Get More Saved 


4/24/24 Wed Where Does the Direct Attack By Iran Against Israel Fit into the Prophecy Puzzle - Part 2


4/21/24 PM  I Shall Be Anointed With Fresh Oil


4/21/24 AM  The Lord is Your Seeking and Saving Shepherd


4/17/24 Wed  Where Does the Direct Attack By Iran Against Israel Fit in the Prophecy Puzzle


4/14/24 PM  What You Can Know About Your Present and Future Life


4/14/24 AM  Faith & Patience Will Inherit God's Promised Blessing in Your Life


4/10/24 Wed  What You Can Know About Your Present and Future Life


4/7/24 PM  The Set Time For Scranton Revival Baptist Church


4/7/24  AM  The Lord's Invitation to You


4/3/24  Wed  How to Get Along With Others - Joe Slebodnik 


3/31/24 PM  Let Down Your Nets


3/31/24 AM  He is the Hope For Your Hopelessness


3/27/24 Wed  Your Individual Initiative Will Make All the Difference


3/24/24 PM  What Dead Religion Cant Do, The Living Lord Will (Part Two)


3/24/24 AM How Revival Comes to You


3/20/24 Wed Bob Bejeski - For a Moment Such as This 


3/17/24 PM What Dead Religion Can't Do, The Living Lord Will Do for You 


3/13/24 Wed  Christ Teaches Concerning His 2nd Coming & Kingdom  Part - 5


3/10/24PM  Christ Teaches Concerning His 2nd Coming & KIngdom  Part 4 


3/10/24 AM  Jesus WIll Provide For You To Feed Many


3/6/24 Wed  Christ Teaches Concerning His 2nd Coming & Kingdow  Part 3


3/3/24 PM  Don't Be Ashamed or Afraid


3/3/24 AM  Where There Is No Vision The People Perish


2/28/24 Wed  Christ Teaches You Concerning His 2nd Coming & Kingdom Part 2


2/25/24 PM  Christ Teaches You Concerning His 2 Comings & the Kingdom


2/25/24 AM  How You Can Win "Bigley" With Purposeful Prayer


2/25/24 Sunday School -  Noah


2/21/24 Wed  Don't Have an Elijah Complex


2/18/24 PM  Don't Be Embarrassed - Pastor Bloem 


2/18/24 AM  Are You Commited? - Joe Slebodnik 


2/14/24 Wed  It's a Good Thing to Be Challenged - Bob Bejeski


2/11/24 PM  Remove Your Clog - Part 2


2/11/24 AM  Remove Your Clog in the Pipe of Revival


2/11/24 Sunday School - Genesis


2/7/24 Wed  The Antidote to Your Self Centeredness


2/4/24 PM  Your Enemy Proposes But God Disposes


2/4/24 AM  How the Lord Jesus Prevails Over Your Enemy


2/4/24 Sunday School - Genesis Chapter 4


1/31/24 Wed  Lay Aside Your Leanness


1/28/24 PM  From Captivity to Productivity Part 2


1/28/24 AM  Turn Your Captivity Into Productivity


1/28/24 Sunday School - Genesis


1/24/24  Wed  Wait For Every Good and Perfect Gift


1/21/24 PM  What You Really Need Is the Lord's Blessing


1/21/24 AM  How to Be Part of the Championship Core


1/17/24 Wed  Possess More of Your "Promised Land" This Year!!


1/14/24 PM  Seek Blessings Showered Openly Upon You - Part 2


1/14/24 AM  Seek Blessings Showered Openly Upon You - Part 1


1/14/24 Sunday School  - Genesis


1/10/24 Wed   Champion the Cause of the Outcast


1/7/24 PM  Perils of Productive Sowing


1/7/24  Sunday School


1/7/24 AM  Benefit From Revival Preaching and Preachers


1/3/24 Wed    First Things First


12/31/23 AM   Grace and More Grace for Your Challenges in 2024


12/27/23 Wed  Knocked Down But Not Knocked Out


12/24/23 AM The Ghost of Your Christmas Future 


12/20/23 Wed  You Need to Be Challenged/Provoked to Win


12/17/23 PM  How We Are to Seek Revival


12/17/23 AM  What Jesus Opens No Man Can Shut


12/13/23 Wed You Are Greatly Loved


12/10/23 PM  What Stops Us From Living By Faith? - Rob Jones  Missions 


12/10/23 PM  The Open Door of Missions Giving Part 2 - Lou Diphilipantonio 


12/10/23 AM  The Open Door of Missions Giving - Lou Diphilipantonio


12/9/23 The Open Door That Will Be One Day Eternally Shut - Lou Diphillipantonio


12/6/23 Wed  His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful


12/3/23 PM  God Still Moves


12/3/23 AM  This Christmas, Let's Celebrate God's Gift of the Royal Seed


11/29/23 Wed  Hinder the Globalist Plan For This Planet


11/26/23 PM  Joseph Remembered His Dreams, Will You?


11/26/22 AM  The Lord's Promises Preserve You


11/22/23 Wed  The Good Shepherd, The Open Door For You


11/19/23 PM  I Waited Patiently For the Lord


11/19/23 AM  Thou Will Revive Me


11/15/23 Wed  What Does The Invasion From Hamas Mean to You?  Part 9


11/12/23 PM  A Prayer For Revival


11/12/23 AM  Have Yourself a Mary Little Christmas


11/8/23 Wed  What Does the Invasion From Gaza Mean to You - Part 8 


11/5/23 PM  What the Invasion From Hamas May Mean to You Part 7


11/5/23 AM  You Should Benefit From Preaching


11/1/23  Wed  It's Only a Test -  Joe Slebodnik


10/29/23 PM  What I Love About Our Church - Bob Bejeski


10/29/23 AM  Kent Hovind 


10/29/23 Sundy School with Kent Hovind


10/22/23 Wed  What the Attack From Gaza Means to You  Part 6 


10/22/23 PM  What the Attack From Gaza Means to You  Part 5


10/22/23 AM  You Cannot Escape the Lordship of Christ


10/18/23 Wed  What the Attack From Gaza Means to You?  Part 4


10/15/23 PM  What the Attack From Gaza Means to You? 3


10/15/23 AM  What Does the Attack From Gaza Means to You? 2


10/11/23 Wed  What Does the Attack From Gaza Means to You  1


10/8/23 PM  Durst No Man Join Himself Unto Them 


10/8/23 AM  God Promises to Bless Your Gospelizing


10/4/23 Wed  The Lord Has a Word For You


10/1/23 PM  How You Can Avoid Failing From Weariness


10/1/23 AM  Stop Mourning and Move Forward


9/27/23 Wed  Ye Are in Heaviness


9/24/23 PM  It's Always a Woman


9/24/23 AM  Your Operation Victory 


9/20/23 Wed  What Does the Grace of God Teach You?


9/17/23 PM  Behold the Man!


9/17/23 AM  Pray! Don't Panic 


9/13/23 Wed God's Might for Your Midnight


9/10/23  PM  How to Be a Good Soldier 


9/10/23 AM  Go Through Your Open Door in 2024


9/6/23 Wed  Not Unto Us, O Lord - Matt McHorder


9/3/23 PM  Stay in the Will of God - Jesse Kresge


9/3/23 AM  Don't Cut Down the Fruit Trees  -  Joe Slebodnik


8/30/23 Wed  You Can't Have My Beans - Pastor Eric Zukoski


8/27/23 PM  Is God Big Enough to Use You?  - Bob Bejeski


8/27/23  AM  Foundations - Steve Gary


8/23/23 Wed You Must Work for the Feast 


8/20/23 PM  Back to Bethel You Must Go 


8/20/23  AM  God Likes to Use Common People


8/16/23 Wed  God's Work is Team Work


8/13/23 PM  Counsel to Help You Conquer


8/13/23 AM  Choose Carefully Who Will Influence Your Children


8/9/23 Wed  Blessed Assurances  


8/6/23 PM  Blessings Because of Your Blessings 


8/6/23 AM  Don't Miss Life's Greatest Blessing


8/2/23 Wed  When it Appears You Are Cut Off From God's Sight


7/30/23 PM  You Can Gain Ground With the Gospel


7/30/23 AM  Keep Your Head When You're Combination Punched


7/26/23 Wed  First Do, Then Teach 


7/23/23 PM  If the Lord Had Not Been on Our Side


7/23/23 AM  Get the Burden of the Boss


7/19/23  Wed  Overcoming With the Overcomer


7/16/23 PM   When You Fall, Don't Stay Down


7/16/23 AM    How Long, O Lord, How Long? 


7/12/23 Wed  Don't Come Down From God's Great Work


7/9/23 PM  Choose Careful Separation


7/9/23 AM  Reviving the Revivalist


7/2/23 PM  Counsel to Conquer With Calm Cheerfulness 


7/2/23 AM   Who Is Your Employer? 


6/28/23  Wed  Revival Praying   Part 6


6/25/23 PM  How to Have a Life Worth More Than Most 


6/25/23 AM  Partner With Your Star and the Spirit For Success


6/21/23  Revival Praying  Part 5


6/18/23 PM Don't Have a Petty Party


6/18/23 AM You Da Man!


6/14/23 Wed  Revival Praying - Part 4


6/11/23 PM  Live On God's Economy, Not Biden's 


6/11/23 AM  You Need Faith and Hope to Endure 


6/7/23 Wed  How the Lord Wants You to Live In the Light of His Coming  - Bro Bob Bejeski


6/4/23 PM  Why Our School is Superior


6/4/23 AM  Take the Heat and Stay in the Kitchen


5/31/23 Wed  Revival Praying  Part 3


5/28/23 AM  Set Up Your Ebenezer Memorial 


5/24/23 Wed  Revival Praying   Part 2 


5/21/23 PM    Is the Lord With You in a Demonstrable Way? 


5/21/23 AM  Give God a Reason to Bless You


5/17/23 Wed  Revival Praying Part 1


5/14/23 PM   He's the Way, But He is also IN the Way


5/14/23 AM  Your Best Blessing Is Your Last


5/10/23 Wed  Move Away From Mule Discipleship


5/7/23 PM  Receive Rather Than Rend the Mantle


5/7/23 AM  How Samson Pictures Our Savior


5/3/23 Wed  Break Out of Barrenness


4/30/23 PM  Stand in the Gap 


4/30/23 AM  Because Your Time Passes


4/26/23 Wed  Dominion


4/23/23 PM  The Set Time


4/23/23 AM  Lordship Salvation


4/19/23 Wed  The Prevention & Cure for Back Sliding 


4/16/23 PM  Fear Not, Little Flock Part 2


4/16/23 AM  Fear Not, Little Flock 


4/12/23 Wed  Cheer Up!


4/9/23 PM What to Say to God to Secure His Intervention


4/9/23 AM  Sunday's Coming


4/5/23 Wed Good Friday Gobbledegook


4/2/23 PM Don't Cut Down the Fruit Trees


4/2/23 AM  Recognize Your Divine Appointments


3/29/23 Wed  God Hides From You 


3/26/23 PM  Why You Can Spring Up With Revival


3/26/23 AM  Be a Bright Star


3/22/23 Wed  Realize Who You Are - Deacon Joe Slebodnik


3/19/23 PM  God Guarantees Your Perserverance


3/19/23 AM  You Need to Hear Your Pastor's Messages


3/15/23 Wed  Stop Your Murmuring and Complaining


3/12/23 PM  When You Fill Containers, God Pours Out Blessing


3/12/23 AM  What the World Needs Now is Love 


3/8/23 Wed  Church Members at Christ's 2nd Coming  Part 5 (Laodicea)


3/5/23 PM Let's Do an Armor Check


3/5/23 AM You Cannot Win By Using Someone Else's Armor


3/1/23 Wed Church Members at Christ's 2nd Coming (Parousia) Part 4


2/26/23 PM Don't Let Any Person Take Your Crown!


2/26/23 AM The Lord Knows the Way Through Your Wilderness


2/22/23 Wed  Church Members at Christ's 2nd Coming (Parousia) Part 3


2/19/23 PM  Go With the Gospel in the Power of the Holy Spirit


2/19/23 AM  What My Gracious God Does For You 


2/15/23 Wed  Church Members at Christ 2nd Coming  Part 2


2/12/23 PM  I Shall Not Be Moved


2/12/23  AM  Part 2  Wanted:  Soul Winners and Soul Warners


2/12/23  AM Part 1  Wanted:  Soul WInners and Soul Warners


2/8/23 Wed  Church Members at Christ's Parousia


2/5/23 PM  You Should Memorialize the Lord's Sacrifice


2/5/23 AM  Back to Bethel You Must Go 


2/1/23 Wed  The Throne of Satan at Pergamos 





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8/28/22 The Good Samaritan - Steve Gary